Mosside 1987

Watched The Culture Show tonight; Not Like Any Other Love. A documentary about The Smiths, edited from an older South Bank Show. The bit that caught my eye was my old school mate, Tony. I haven’t seen this clip before, but he says he was stuck outside his flat, locked out. What was, at the time a tedious wait for a mate, became, many decades later, art.


These deck-access flats were scary places. Tony had boarded up the deck windows and painted graffiti to make the place look like a squat. He didn’t want to get burgled. Inside were tons of music equipment, guitars, amps and loads of cockroaches.
Behind the board where “occupied” was painted was the kitchen. Inside, dozens of names and drink details. Each person who ever visited had an entry which detailed their tea or coffee preference, milk and or sugar.


I remember one visit; a cat was stuck at the top of that lamp-post, terrified & unable to get down. A couple of lads appeared and one of them shinned up and grabbed the cat by the scruff. He dropped it to the ground and it slinked away with its head as near to the ground as it could be.

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