Roof shedding.

1°C, dry cold.
Top temperature was 1°C today, mostly, surfaces were dry but ice was slow to melt. I rode in today with little to worry about, bar one thing.
Many drivers don’t clear the snow heaped up on their cars. They drive around with a white layer that looks like a new mattress or the sugary topping of a grotesque christmas cake.
As the car heater warms inside, the layer of snow becomes loose. It takes some nerve to leave the snow up there: at any moment it can drop onto the windscreen like an avalanche with no warning.
More likely though, the ice mattress will fall when the car turns, brakes or pulls away. Cars do this of course, on parts of the road where I, as a cyclist, need grip the most. Places like the apex of a bend, a roundabout, or a junction; they are the really critical spots. These are where the lumps of ice lay today.
I really hope the police start to enforce the law that promises 6 points on the lazy selfish drivers’ licenses.

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