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Long cold.

2°C, cold penetrating fog. Still ill. All this started on the 7th of Dec. That makes it a month. Or is was it two colds separated by 5 days around Christmas. There is a shard of comfort when I hear … Continue reading

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Aquos repair

9C, rain. TV repairman has visited. It took two hours when he fitted a new motherboard, updated firmware and stuff. So far, no ugly interruptions to the sound with a loud, high hum for 8 seconds each time I change … Continue reading

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Router (dsl-g624m) dropouts

9°C, calm & grey. Still ill as the line in the Smiths song goes, but I’m bored with talking about it. My router is probably the cause of poor internet connections at home. The latest stage in this sorry, tedious … Continue reading

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Rioting = fun?

Is rioting good fun? I’ve never tried it myself but I hear that they’re rioting in Northern Ireland, something to do with how often they fly flags. A decision made by democratically elected local government, it’s said. Their own leaders … Continue reading

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11°C, light cloud. The girl who served me today in the grocery shop didn’t look right. She rested her head between each customer, pale. I asked whether she was unwell, she sighed with the word- “yes”. There is some comfort … Continue reading

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2012 summary

7°C, clear, cold wind from sea. Cycling: ~4,409 miles. Kona fixed gear– 984 miles, Arrow 16 speed (Shimano)-2,220 miles. Racelite 16 (campy)- 1,225 miles. Fewer miles than I hoped for due to several problems- more rain than usual, more hiking, work … Continue reading

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