Morning commute

-4°C, clear, no thaw yet.

I could not pass this view this morning on the slow commute today. Breath-taking, it forced me to exclaim. I pulled over into a snowbound bus-stop and got a few shots.


Later, this winter demonstrated its darker side. On the crest of a hump-backed bridge I lost all grip. The road-speed was low but I could not slow on the descent side of the bridge. A car in front became the object of my fears, I really don’t want to stove the front of my car in, or the back of anyone else’s for that matter. I could not slow, but I could steer a bit so I headed for the oncoming side of the road. The grip seemed better there and I stopped as that terrible grinding sound from the anti-skid brakes juddering ceased. No crash then.

Home later: 50 minutes on the turbo. It keeps me warm and is preparation for the first ride of the year, which may be on Friday. I am obsessively referring to weather reports, many times a day.

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