2012 summary

7°C, clear, cold wind from sea.

Cycling: ~4,409 miles.

  • Kona fixed gear– 984 miles,
  • Arrow 16 speed (Shimano)-2,220 miles.
  • Racelite 16 (campy)- 1,225 miles.

Fewer miles than I hoped for due to several problems-

  • more rain than usual,
  • more hiking,
  • work related stress much higher than normal.
  • Some loss of determination (related to the above),
  • Winter ice cost a few hundred too,

I want to clear 5,000 miles in 2013 (by as much as a thousand miles to make up for 2012). To this end, the summer bike needs a good overhaul to avoid mechanical problems and ensure that it’s more fun to ride.
This point generates another list for January-

  • Rebuild wheels,
  • New headset
  • New pedals.

Not too much cost, but quite a long turn-around while it’s away at the Campagnolo service center. No need to ride it until March though.

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