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Leaf mold.

10°C, dry, SW. Got my energy back, so rode home quickly and raked 8 bags of cherry tree leaves. Making leaf mold is such a good way to use up all those clothes bags that come through the door each … Continue reading

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10°C, dry. Oh dear, that was a grumpy post yesterday. Today feeling better, recovering from a strange virus, Let’s blame that then. I fear that grumbling can become habit. Interesting prog on TV last night, old drivers are a little … Continue reading

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Is it all over?

6°C, clear and starry (including Venus) Is this trial over yet? Woke up to hear that US voding is complete. There were only two cannidates, they got the same number of votes but somehow Wilhard lost by a wide margin. … Continue reading

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Silver woods

9°C, clear. Restful: took a restful day. Body said I had to, so dutifully… Took Rosie to a wood new to us. On a low hilltop near a tall TV transmitter. Initially there is a coniferous wood. But further in … Continue reading

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