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Blimey, fog.

8°C, thick fog. Leave the ride till later. Decorating– in just a few hours I got the ceiling and walls painted. The ceiling is apricot-white silk emulsion and the walls, flat chalky Matt blue. I worked between 14.00 – 18.30 though … Continue reading

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Kissing you is like…

9C, clear “Kissing you is like kissing gravel, you look better upside-down.” …Listening to kristen Hersh Rosie had a run in the woods. Golden light filtered between tall trunks set against deep blue sky. Rainfall inside the wood was heavy … Continue reading

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244 watts

12°C grey but no rain What is there in this house that draws 244 watts? Nothing is switched on as I arrive home. Well, there is a battery charger and the fridge. Where is it all going- the fridge is … Continue reading

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Cold, come out!

12°C westerly. It’s touch & go whether I can ride in when I feel like this. Can your immune system fight a cold in the background or does it have to blow out with a full snotty headcold? Maybe an … Continue reading

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Robotic Cicadas

9°C, calm. 03.30, sounds of the city waking filter into my room. A distant train, nearer a car starts and stocks away into the night. But a strange constant leaks through during the rather passages. A higher note that leaks … Continue reading

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