38 miles without falling off.

18°C, NW winds CR:38.5 miles

I daren’t ride the race bike on that chain, it looks like another pin is pulling out so I have binned it. The replacement is the same type- a SRAM 870. This time I did not risk joining any links and took off spares in stages before finally using the power-link to finally join the ends. The ride was okay, but unexpected gear changes still happen on the 17t cog.
I bet the derailleur hangar needs aligning- that’s a job for the shop though. the tool is too expensive for occasional use. I imagine that such a fault would allow good gear changes on some sprokets, and not on others. If I adjust the cables, then it merely change which cogs skip about. On this ride, the top & bottom ratios are okay, and the lower-middle ones play up.
Another contributory cause might be bearing wear on the freehub. The Campy service centre said they could fix that.

SRAM Power Link

SRAM Power Link (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

17 is the worst.

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