Cold summer- what shall I read?

12°C, cool & wet.

I admit, it’s a nice problem to have- which book shall I read next? Canada has the best reviews, or 1Q84 does.
Stalker would be the easiest to get through though I an quite prepared to feel a bit embarrassed by its presence on my shelves. It could easily denigrate into an action story- all shooting & shouting.

1Q84: I have read the first chapter and it has all the magic- it leaves you with thoughts and ways of looking at things. It’s a bit of a beast though, the whole (bound two volumes) could take ages to read at my pace.

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3 Responses to Cold summer- what shall I read?

  1. Tone from shelfield says:

    1q84 first
    I have book 3 too if you need it


  2. essiep says:

    Ooh, okay, I’ll take you up on that- but I bet I haven’t finished this one by autumn.


  3. itmustbekate says:

    I’ve been hoping to read Murakami! Have you worked out the secret of the title yet?


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