April showers and gear-change

8 spd record cassette

8 spd record cassette (Photo credit: djneight)

9°C, heavy showers. CR:54 miles

Fizzy legs: I really could have ridden more, my legs want to but I have pressing work to do. the energy was there before dawn, or is it work thoughts that fill my head and jangle my legs at three in the morning.

The bloody gears still aren’t ideal. After all those hours working on the gear-shift, you hope that it’s going to be better. The first ten miles were, the bike whizzed along, barely a sound and gear shifts were similarly unnoticeable. The day wore on and the bike changed gears all by itself, or it would skip without warning.

Film: Melancholia, Lars Von Trier. Was it a disaster film, or a study into the mental health of the lead characters. Somehow I could relate to the lead woman’s discomfort in her own wedding reception. Not that I’ve ever been married, but I have certainly grown to detest those social obligations. I could see myself in the same sort of event, desperately longing for escape. In fact, I did just that a few years ago, when the reception seemed to be quietening down, I sneaked away in the car when no-one was looking. that was an evening of dread, I remember it well having just watched the film.

Svenska: Tjolöholms slott.

Svenska: Tjolöholms slott. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, I have work to do.

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