Stiff link

Bike chain and chain tool on the ground

Bike chain and chain tool on the ground (Photo credit: londoncyclist)

12°C, grey with some drizzle CR:46 miles.

It’s never simple is it? Spend the morning finishing the bike service and it runs sweetly while hanging from a rope in the shed. Have lunch then set off on a ride to dodge the rain clouds. Next comes the bit I still don’t understand- the chain develops a stiff link. How can that happen, unprovoked after 6 miles? I stopped a few times to try to free it, but only to give up and turn back for home. The return ride was rather crunchy as the chain skipped across the adjacent gears. By the time I got home, my knees hurt.

I decided to thoroughly defeat this one and removed the links either side and insert a fresh piece of chain. I have, remember, only put this chain on yesterday. Okay, done, the bike ran reasonably smoothly for the rest of the day. I still can’t adequately explain how a link can stiffen up after only a few miles on a new chain.

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