Precious time

9°C, NW, light cloud

Half-term holiday is a precious time. It’s a time to re-build energy, recover from a stressful job and fix things that need repairing (the house, the car and me). It’s not a time to be set back with a devastating head-cold, running temperature and bostin’ headache. These things happen- yes. But it’s difficult not to spend time, while laid low, thinking of the good things I could be doing.
So the symptoms add up, heavy-cold + the urge to grumble = manflu.

Have I done that self-depricating joke before? Perhaps leave it then.

2 thoughts on “Precious time

  1. All time is precious, even when you feel awful. It just doesn’t feel like it at the time, does it?
    Get well soon.


  2. I can’t pick any holes in your reasoning there. Some patches of time are set aside for earning money, some specifically for fun activities. Others are some kind of mix, like home decoration, I agree that to loose any is a loss.


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