What should I do about these spiders?

5~2°C, SW. c=0

There is one species of spider that really likes living in my house. They’re very thin, long legged and hang out near the coving in most rooms in this house. Latin name: Pholcus phalangioides. It’s the daddy-long legs spider.

That page’s author recommends encouraging them. That sounds like an opportunity to make a silly jibe with some emotional support. I shalln’t. They are quite delightful little lodgers, there must be 30 to 50 in this house in various rooms altogether. They must be getting food from somewhere, it’s not mine they are taking. There are a few eco-system enclaves here which may be the source. Each one is rooted in a ceramic pot with a houseplant poking above the soil. Sometimes flies take wing. they look like fruit flies, tiny and delicate looking. There must be a load of other stuff living in those pots that can’t be seen too. Remember the fantastic mushroom that grew out of one pot last November? There is an entire realm of life in each of those earthenware worlds.

I’m quite taken with their fragile awkward lanky gait. This year’s mild weather has seen more of them survive. Last year the house was fairly barren, the hard hard frosts took their toll. Maybe they can grow large. So, what I’ll do is take their photo and just enjoy their presence in my house.

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1 Response to What should I do about these spiders?

  1. Graham says:

    I like to think that a few happy spiders are a sign of a healthy house. Enjoy…


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