High Moor, Parbold

9°C, drizzle. CK:40 miles

I normally hate riding in the rain so this ride was remarkable. The mild air, relief from strong winds and a strong desire for a good ride drew me out. The route included High Moor from Parbold up that steep climb which I have been up before. I have not made it to the top on the single-speed though, but for some reason today I ground on. There is a slight relaxation of the incline about half way up so I stared at that. Once I passed it, the effort didn’t reduce, but it did cease to increase, which was good enough. The last part just before the crest involved pulling on the pedals in addition to weaving. Weaving does decrease the incline slightly.
It seems a double victory to get to the top without any foot-down stops- I am heavier (14st 9), the wet, and my ankle problem which decided it was a good day.

I now have feet that feel considerably better than before. A very good day out in the rain.

There is a fly in the house- what are they doing here in early January?

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1 Response to High Moor, Parbold

  1. Helen says:

    When letting out the old year on New Year’s Eve we managed to let in two flies. Ridiculous.


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