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Is there a window open?

3°C, SW winds strong. Rain/sleet developing The best thing about today: early this morning, at 7am, I was out with the dogs and I glanced up. Perhaps I glance up often, perhaps not. But on this occasion there was a … Continue reading

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but 1 week

5°C, heavy showers One week to go, the workload fails to abate. There was a time when school prep used to decline in the last part of term, a wind-down. Not any more. This is why I dream of a … Continue reading

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Sunday’s 46

6°C, lighter wind. Sun became rain early afternoon Legs took too long to warm up on this ride. Perhaps because of yesterday, perhaps caused by food or perhaps the fortnight off. Laughed hard; I needed this one, almost too much. … Continue reading

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30 miles to whizz

8°C, sunny & brisk W. CA:30 miles It’s always a tricky one to decide when to return to riding the bike. I’ve had nearly two weeks of with what should be the winter’s heaviest cold. Suddenly, yesterday (Friday) I felt … Continue reading

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Entrance exam

6°C, clear & calm. Entrance exam at work. Lots of anxious 10 year olds, and even more 40 something olds (parents). The kids sit an IQ test after their parents have dropped them off. By the time they have finished, … Continue reading

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