A pheasant

10°C, clear, RW wind+chill. CA:26 miles

Rode to the usual cafe today, ate some simple cyclist’s food & came back at a plodding 13.5 mph. Perhaps it was too soon to ride after that awful cold of last week. Near Catton Park, there was the most unsettling sight. A pheasant, in a puddle of all places. I went back to check it and the poor thing was still alive. It had a head injury, a slightly broken end of beak with a little blood dripping. Apart from that it seemed reasonably alert. No attempt was made to flee my presence.

I have no idea what to do in this situation with these poor creatures, so I picked it up and placed it on a patch of longer grass in the sunshine. A vain hope I know, but maybe it could warm up enough to take off.

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