Mushroom forest

12C, clear, NE light. CR:61 miles

Mushrooms live rather well on roadside verges, this was an un-missable display, like clusters of eggs.

Coprinus comatus, the Shaggy Inkcap?

And yes, I know they are not plants.

Even on this small scale, you can see it’s a fuzzy photo. I carry my phone with its pinhole camera on bike rides. Sometime this winter, an upgrade- but to what? My next phone should have a really good camera, and by that, it must have a good lens, control over exposure, colour balance and optical zoom. Does such a camera-phone even exist?

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2 Responses to Mushroom forest

  1. Wow….do you know if they are safe to eat?


  2. essiep says:

    Apparently yes, but only if cooked within an hour of picking, and if only pure white throughout.


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