Calamity day

12°C, light cloud

On this day, things went wrong. Firstly, my modem/wireless router has partly failed. There is no response from it via the network cable link that my desktop PC uses. Wireless internet access still works, but if any router settings need a change, then I may not be able to get back into the preferences page. So the wireless works, so does the WAN side, but the LAN cables don’t; that suggests it needs a firmware update, but will that leave it locked in.

Have you ever misplaced your bank cards? Mine are probably at work but to be safe the bank have disabled them for me. Yesterday, I spent 2 frantic hours searching, finally cancelling my weekend plans unable to buy petrol. I know they haven’t been used…

That’s the second time this week that valuable time has been lost to manic searching. The other at work wasn’t my fault but probably looked that way to the class. There, valuable marking time was lost in the face of a looming reports’ deadline. the more you try to get done, the less…

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