Four Gigs

15°C, clear sun.

Nerdity– fitted new RAM to my main computer, doubling it up to 4GB. Windows XP only recognises 3.66GB, but that’s still a huge increase on 2GB. There are some technical reasons why you don’t get to use all 4GB, but upgrading to Windows 7 should reveal it all.

The first two runs crashed out with a blue screen, but I’ve changed settings in the BIOS, and the last run worked without a hitch. Microsoft FSX seems to run a little faster now, but I didn’t test it very rigorously. It has a latency of 5-5-5-18, but I don’t really know what that means right now. I have a little book though.

Nerdlessly: the pond has built up edges on the lower side, it now has a water butt full of water more than this morning. A good few hours effort, it’s great to work outside on a clear sunny day. I need to plant some grasses round the rim to stabilise the bricks + mud around the shore.

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