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Dirty data

Surveys and data analysis can sometimes be sullied by dirty data. “It’s not what you think girls”, but actually- what do they think it is? Why do they snigger, these 13 year olds? It’s not as if they expect to open … Continue reading

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Strap on your bag and ride into dusk

17C, lighter WSW wind, CA:45 miles Extended my ride home tonight. Up the High Street of desolation that is Brownhills, straight on, along a canal tow-path and then onto Cannock Chase. Eventually clocked up 45 miles arriving home in fading … Continue reading

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11th Sept. 2001+10

18C, The media haas been full of 9/11 ten years on stories this week. I expected to really hate all of this, but as it happens, there have been some moving personal accounts. Opinions varied hugely on questions like “is … Continue reading

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M101 blows

Light cloud in complex layers. 19°C & less wind. CR:35 miles after school. The brightest Type-A supernova is at it’s peak tonight. It’s hidden under some thin high stratus cloud right now, which is a bit of a problem. The … Continue reading

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After work ride

Windy & cooler, CR:25 miles Rode after work today, the shower has been cleaned of legionnaires, but is has to be tested before I am allowed to use it. Early evening light is fading fast now it’s September, but at … Continue reading

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Legionellosis in the shower

17C , some rain I am forbidden to use the shower at work. Legionellosis has been detected in the  showerhead, the boss told me I couldn’t ride in tomorrow because of it. There must be a way around this, maybe … Continue reading

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back to the millstone

19C, rain early & late. CR:57 miles Well, is that all there is? All there is to a summer holiday? Work tomorrow & today’s ride has removed fizzy-legs that has bugged me so much while doing that damned marking. Sad … Continue reading

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60 watts

11°C, perhaps upto 21°C, light cloud. CR:28 miles 60 Watt bulbs will cease to be made in the Eurozone from today. The govt. have effectively banned them amid media stories that folks are hoarding incandescent bulbs. I suppose it’s a … Continue reading

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