Legionellosis in the shower

17C , some rain

I am forbidden to use the shower at work. Legionellosis has been detected in the  showerhead, the boss told me I couldn’t ride in tomorrow because of it. There must be a way around this, maybe wash in a sink for just one day- it depends how long it takes to sterilise it. I have to wonder about the shower here at home- perhaps I should remove the head and leave it in a bucket of bleach overnight. It’s maybe worse here because I only shower at home once a week (the mostly shower at work). Is this why some people leave the showerhead lying on the shower floor to let the water drain?

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One Response to Legionellosis in the shower

  1. willzplumbing says:

    This is one of the reasons that a bathroom should be properly ventilated, or even better, it should be exposed to some sunlight.


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