60 watts

11°C, perhaps upto 21°C, light cloud. CR:28 miles

60 Watt bulbs will cease to be made in the Eurozone from today. The govt. have effectively banned them amid media stories that folks are hoarding incandescent bulbs. I suppose it’s a bit like the food parcels passed over the fences of schools that adopted healthy eating policies. A policy undercut despite the apparent benefit to the populous. News reports always show mercury-vapour lamps as the new low-power replacement. They have, just like last time, ignored the other alternatives. There are a number of types: tungsten, mercury-vapour, Halogen and LED. I have always hated mercury-vapour lamps, especially strip lights because of the quality of the light. That means for me, flicker. They flicker at 50Hz which is quite annoying when seen in peripheral vision though less obvious seen directly. The colour of the light is odd too- slightly pink in direct light but the room is cast with a green glow that is so obvious in photographs taken in that room. My choice- Halogen where I need bright light, LED if not.

Maybe a fritillary?

1 thought on “60 watts

  1. It’s a Northern-variant Speckled Wood. In Southern Europe they’ve more of a buff orange tinge in the markings rather than the magnolia that ours have. Yes, a butterfly geek. Childhood hobby.
    This summer’s treat for me was standing for ten minutes watching a humming bird hawkmoth in my herb patch. Who’d have guessed it?


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