Gotcha back

20°C, light grey, warm & close

Result: the gutter press have been clobbered for their bad behaviour last Christmas. Observers have felt annoyed about this story over the last half-year, now they are ordered to pay large fines to the innocent landlord for their ludicrous inventions last winter. It’s still remarkable that these papers make up those stories with no apparent inhibition; we knew back then, it was probably false. They must have felt, at the time, that there was nothing to stop them.

Home: Tiled behind the cooker; paid unbelievable amounts of money to get the car serviced. Weather is threatening Wales and a hiking trip there next week.
King Cnut: look up where he came from on GoogleEarth:

I'm in this kind of mood today.

Try it yourself & let me know what result you see.

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