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Turntable world

15°C, breezy with empty threats of showers Turntables: Wow! here are some long lost names still alive & kicking: turntableworld. Grado, Goldring, Ortofon, Sumiko, and so on. Some astronomical prices but at least it’s somewhere I can get replacement stylii. … Continue reading

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Comic Cartoon Strip?

16°C, sunshine & moving air “the Daily Mail as a “sexist, racist, bigoted, comic cartoon strip”. -John Bercow So it’s official, Bercow is the Speaker in the House of Commons. I wouldn’t normally bother with this, a paper that I … Continue reading

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Child sexualisation

19°C, clear. Comfortable. Children are growing up too early. The news story of the season this year: The chattering classes are upset about media forces on young children, padded bras for under 11s, hip-thrusting semi-nude dancing on popular music shows, … Continue reading

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Mynydd Mawr again

24°C, Very hot in the mountains this time. This time we could see from the summits, the vistas were vast and far ranging. Some have said it is possible to see Ireland from these peaks.  Thought sceptical at first, I … Continue reading

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Mountain lake

24°C, light winds, no clouds. Swim in Llyn Cwmffynion. First wild-swim of the year in a hidden corrie beneath Nantlle ridge. The water was shallow, only knee deep so no real swim I admit. The ridge was clear this time, the view … Continue reading

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still no indexing

20C, . Carpet cleaning machine: Rug-doctor is surprisingly effective. It’s noisy and can’t get into the pokiest corners of my attic but it does turn the soapy water into the appearance of old cold coffee. Strangely satisfying, in a domestic … Continue reading

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