True Grit

14°C+, getting warmer.

Film: True Grit (Cohen brothers). Good to see that dreadful John Wayne western based on a Charles Portis book has been updated with one that really is based on the book. Why was John Wayne ever famous? The lead role, Mattie Ross, a strong and articulate character made her way through the story, much to my relief, unharmed. Is it conditioning that led me to fear something dreadful would happen to her?


This film was interesting for the usual Cohen reasons, but more so because of the language. Despite struggling with the clarity of the dialogue, the characters were not just articulate- more eloquent I would say. Phrasing and vocab were of the period and intriguing to me. shame the sound wasn’t really that clear on the screen I watched it on. Finally, was it just me that failed to spot Matt Damon until the credits rolled?

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1 Response to True Grit

  1. Graham says:

    Yes I’ve got to watch this one. You can’t usually go wrong with the Coen brothers. And I agree, why WAS John Wayne so revered?


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