Milk & landfill

21°C, clouds & sun.

Just a question, I can’t offer an answer though: that smell that comes from the landfill site on the way to work… what gives it that smell. It smells like off milk, could it be? There is so much skimmed milk in western food, it’s even in medicines, sweets, pretty much everything that people eat- even hot-cross buns. I heard that the Japanese can smell us, they don’t eat ingest anything like as much milk as us, could that be it?

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3 Responses to Milk & landfill

  1. Graham says:

    Rancid proteins, I’d guess. There lots of them in many things. Nice.
    We have a lovely new incinerator in our town, as the landfill got filled, and the council couldn’t quite agree on whether to have an overground raised landfill. can you imagine it? There are no smells, just lots of steam, hundreds of waste lorries and a new quay a mile up the river. We should be importing French refuse by this time next year. Grand…


  2. essiep says:

    Bet you’re pleased- your council have decided that it’s a good idea to import rubbish into the most densely populated country in Europe from one of the least.


  3. Graham says:

    Yes, there were only 11,000 objections, but I’m sure you know councils. The building itself is, I hate to say it, quite attractive in relation to its surroundings. I have very mixed feelings about it all.
    We can’t keep on burying our waste, we can’t dump it at sea, nobody wants to sort it and recycle it for a minimum wage income, so it doesn’t really leave much else but burning the stuff. So they sweeten the pill by calling it an ‘Energy Recovery Facility’. Ho hum.


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