Comic Cartoon Strip?

16°C, sunshine & moving air

“the Daily Mail as a “sexist, racist, bigoted, comic cartoon strip”.
-John Bercow

So it’s official, Bercow is the Speaker in the House of Commons. I wouldn’t normally bother with this, a paper that I never buy. But this is the 2nd top selling paper in the UK at over 2 million copies a day. People read this, much of which is irrational, contradictory or obviously wrong. Mind you, The Sun sells 3 million to an almost illiterate small-minded ‘readership’.

It’s all very well grumbling, but this post would be incomplete without a solution. Here is an add-on for Firefox which replaces links to bigoted pious DM rants with nice pictures of kittens: Link. Clearly such a feature is an outrage of the worst kind, but you know…

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