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18C, + 1 shower, Sth wind, RA:60 miles Summer bike: I used to regard this as my ‘best’ bike, it’s more difficult now while the gears persist in playing up. They still don’t index properly across the middle of the … Continue reading

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I have a pond

20C, cloudy, but more torrents are a coming. Filled it up this afternoon. The rim is not exactly level, so I will have to hide the edges with plants. It needs to stand for a few weeks now before introducing … Continue reading

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Blood Diamond

Heavy rains & light suns Film: the story of a diamond smuggler in Africa. At times compelling, at others cringe-some, clichéd and often peppered with an enormous body count. The scenery was stunning and Djimon Hounsoue’s acting was unflinching. Di … Continue reading

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electrical skies

21°C, close & warm, storms brewing. Nearly two months of dry, now the lightening. It has been a bad day for amphibians. He was only crossing to get to a stream, I tried to help. On the ride to work, … Continue reading

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A break

17°C, some light showers The pond at work is looking rather sorry for itself, it’s less than half-full. Does anybody there care for it? Last chance to vote people, you only have two hours left.

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15°C, clear. Am I the only one uncomfortable with this story? An unarmed suspect is shot by USA forces on a raid in a foreign country that wasn’t aware of it happening. The press is full of gleeful relatives of … Continue reading

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The best Easter I can remember

More sun, even more wind. 15°C The Beach Yeah, I have spend a week in the tent in Wales.

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