NewFlash (CS4)

13°C, cool but dry. NNW winds.

Soon to get new(ish) version of Flash (CS4). Had a play with it at work today, great new features- it draws motions paths by default and, best of all, Bones. the bones work like a stickman that you draw over a shape and can animate with inverse kinematics (IK). It’s just like Bones in 3D like 3DS Max but with fewer parameters. Joint constraints are there but joint weighting is not it seems. Anyway, I’ll keep sctum until I have it here.

Other than that, it’s fun time now: Half-term holiday. Spares for the tent have arrived so a trip to the mountains is possible should the weather allow.

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1 Response to NewFlash (CS4)

  1. Graham says:

    Tents, mountains and weather? Yes I understand those bits.
    Hoping all is well in your world.


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