Chernobyl day

16°C,  cloudy & easterly breeze. K:29½ miles.

Last day: end of holiday, but we’re only back for 2 days before the next one. Friday is some celebrity wedding that gives us all a day off- thanks, you have some use then. We’ve just had been the best Easter holiday for years, absolutely years. Fine weather, good camping, and best of all- a long holiday. Oh, and the lodger leaves next weekend.

Has it really been 25 years since the Chernobyl plant blew up? There is lots to look at on GoogleEarth. There is something unique about that event: perhaps an omen that foretells man’s decline in the world. At the same time there is so much dis-information, especially on the web. I’m no authority, but the widespread contradictions testify to that. There is politics, mythology and scaremongering in the story. The story has manifest itself in song, documentaries, books and, bizarrely for some, a small number of computer games.

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