It’s Monday-thursday

it’s going to be hot 23°C? We’re going to have known nothing like it.

Monday-thursday: a day where the queen gives arms to the poor. Armed, one day the poor will rise up and it will become all Citizen-Smith here. Or something like that.
I have too much of a cold to enjoy the hot weather, dammit, I shall not complain.

Alternative vote: The Tories say that the Politician with the 3rd most votes will get in. They say, according to this leaflet, that there are no wasted votes in FPtP (First past the post). It looks to me as if they have taken all the evidence and drawn the diametrically opposite conclusions. The No voters look to be in the majority in the polls now, I suspect that people simply don’t understand how it works; plus the No-campaigners are lying about its consequences. All they have to do is use the numbers to illustrate advantages (or otherwise) then we could make up our minds. Perhaps the root of the problem is that they’re all afraid of talking numbers; such a fear is widespread. Politicians still haven’t really grasped why we, the public, hate them.

4 thoughts on “It’s Monday-thursday

  1. Statistically, it would have to be an extremely close race between around 4/5 parties for the third placed person to be able to win. In which case, I think it’s hard to say that someone with around 20% of the vote is really supported enough to be an MP. I think there are arguments against AV but they are not the ones being used. Confusing? Not really, unless you explain it badly which they are to prove a point. Not representative? Neither is FPTP.

    From reading the election material, I have decided I would like to vote for all politicians to be shot.


  2. 1) The only way the third placed candidate could win would be in a reeeeeally close 4/5 way election, in which case it’s not so crazy.
    2) It’s only confusing when badly explained.
    3) Not representative? Neither is FPTP.

    I think there are proper arguments for and against but none are really used in the election material.

    This whole election has made me want to vote for all politicians to be shot.


  3. Great, now the not appearing comment has appeared and I look silly… But at least you look popular with all these comments 😉


    • You’ve been caught out by WordPress’s comment approval system. I have to manually approve every comment unless from a registered WP person. The comments would fill with spam otherwise.
      I think you’re right, they are explaining badly to prove a point. Though I still suspect that some numeracy-phobia is in the mix somehow.


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