Nant Gwynant

upto 21°C, still & no cloud

Just got back. It was great, but I’ve brought a cold with me. It’s been strange, it came on tentatively on the drive there. But it held back for quite a few days, drawing my strength in the background while I climbed mountains. Now I’m all bunged up and have gone to bed with a roll of tissue paper. No, Wait! that sounds terrible.

Another interesting physical process can be noticed when falling asleep. As you drift away in a campsite, sometimes you snap back. When you do, the first thing that snaps back into focus is the sound of the river (on the opposite edge of the camp). It jumps into your consciousness almost as if someone has thrown a switch. This can happen repeatedly until you finally do fall asleep.

Anyway, where have I been?

  1. Rhinogs: walked up Rhinog Fawr, clear & cold.
  2. Nant Gwynant, Yr Aran (the summit cleared, much to my surprise)
  3. Nant Gwynant: Climbed Y Llewedd (on the Snowdon horseshoe)
  4. Nant Gwynant: Moel Siabod– near Capel Curig. A fine mountain with an ice scarred east face hidden by soft grassy slopes to the North & west.

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