18°C, clear. Ck.53 miles

It’s not easy deciding which gear to put on the single-speed bike. In this hilly terrain, it’s useful to have a higher gear to make use of the descents and their higher speed. If it’s too high you can’t get up the climbs though, too low and your pegs# spin uncontrollably. On balance, I am going to revert to the 42×16 that the bike came with when I bought it last new-year.

#”Pegs” is a typo for legs, I decided to keep that one.

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1 Response to Geraniacae

  1. Graham says:

    4 *s for the pegs, I say.
    Your title reminded me of the geraniums I planted in the front garden tonight. Along with pinks, Sweet Williams & snapdragons. There’s already saxifrages, lobelias, rosemary and lavender by the bushel. Only waiting for the nicotiana to be planted and all will be complete. Then we start out at the back.


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