Point six percent

12°C, windy & grey cloud.

Biggest government spending cuts, blah blah. It turns out that they have cut 0.6% off the total public spending budget according to the Spectator magazine. If the press are ot be believed- the cuts are “savage”, “deep” or “swinging”- we’re told they amount to 10% or more of Govt. expenditure.

Burning books madness: BBC -Afghanis  rioting over some loony priest in the US who burned a copy of The Qu’ran. It’s not a rare book, nor was it an expensive one- you can get a copy from Amazon for about £5. So why riot so much that people get killed? That stupid pasteur is only doing it for the publicity, the stupid media are happy to give him just that and now people have died raging about it.
It’s only a book.

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One Response to Point six percent

  1. Graham says:

    Aye, you could cry. Nothing is truth, is what I’m thinking lately. It leaves a void.


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