Spirit of Renewal?

In addition to the License agreement, here are some notes of guidance to lodgers on living in a harmonious household:

  • Put rubbish in the bin, there are many to choose from.
  • An empty bottle does qualify as rubbish so it should not be put back in the fridge.
  • Neither the windowsill, nor the draining-board qualifies as a bin.
  • It is not necessary to wash rubbish before throwing it away.
  • If you do have time to do that, then you have enough spare time in your life to get a job. (see below#)
  • Never put a chicken carcass in the garden waste recycling bin.
  • The breadbin is for bread, not carrots, nor is it for tomatoes, just bread.
  • When you let yourself in the house, take your key out of the lock and keep it with you.
  • Used  nicotine chewing gum must not be stored on the wall-tiles in the Bathroom.
  • It it not necessary to spend 40′ in the shower each day. Nobody is that dirty, especially someone without a job.
  • When you fill the washing machine, follow the process through by actually switching the machine on.
  • After it has eventually washed, take out the laundry to dry. Certainly do this in less than 3 days.   This ensures that the clothing does not go rancid and requires another wash. It should be possible for the whole process to take less than a week. Remember- you are not the only person who may want to use this facility.

Further solutions to problems:

  • If you were able get up in the morning, it would become possible to hold down a job.
  • You may be able to get a job if you were to actually apply for one.
  • If this is all followed up, then you’d be able to pay your own rent.
  • Your mother did not work hard for decades, paying in to her pension scheme only to use it to pay your rent.
  • Rent should be paid on rent-day. If unpaid after 2 weeks, you will incur an 8% interest rate on it.

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