So how was it then?

+5°C, sunny & strong onshore breeze

Better than I thought. The handling is fine, it’s reasonably nimble, though I didn’t push it on those wet black muddy Lancashire roads. the only problem I can think of is that the gearing seems rather tall. I shall get a 17 tooth cog & try it. It’s always a compromise when you only have one ratio but at least the cogs are cheap & easy to experiment with. The landscape was swept by strong westerly winds though: they’re always a struggle. I totalled 60Km with the speedo set to a 26″ wheel. Have yet to work out the equivalent 700x28c

Lancashire is a pleasant surprise, at least the planes around Formby & Southport were. The place often reminded me of the Somerset flats, the black soil, deep straight drainage ditches and the roads that follow field patterns so that there are numerous right-angle corners.

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