Good with your hands

+3C, light cloud but missed the solar eclipse this morning.

It’s the time of year that people consider changing their career. Here is a good article BBC: greater job satisfaction, better pay and the feeling that you’ve actually done something in a manual job. ?What would I do? Plumbing, electrician or more probably something outside- fencing perhaps. My problem is vulnerability to backache. That rules out plumbing, or probably carpentry; too much twisting about in confined spaces.

3 thoughts on “Good with your hands

  1. Carpentry/cabinet making. Great stuff, it’s liberating and you produce useful beautiful items. I’ve never noticed any feelings of confinement, but then I luckily have a very large spider infested garage with no vehicular access. (I got my friend Lee the bricky to remove the main door and build a large window wall.)


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