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Here we go again

3 to -4°C Grey grey. White, white, now dark & hard hard ice. Minus 5 tonight. Only one day to go, but I tire past  the point of suspecting an oncoming cold. Is this all there is?

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Arctic Blarst

4C, thin clouds. Bad weather is rolling over the horizon, an ‘icy blarst’ say the weather reporters. Probably no more cycling this week. This seems to be all I post about these days, blame excessive workload for that. There is … Continue reading

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3°C, thin but dark skies I’m no aficionado, so it’s new to me this impression of Macbeth. I’m talking about Rupert Goold’s film version. It’s the Cold War Warsaw Pact setting, the uniforms and location. It’s like some hideous Stalinist … Continue reading

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8°C, grey (min 5C) Quick, we’ve only got a few days. this is a respite from the chill. Wash the winter woollies, clean the garden before the next blanket of snow. Feeling the wind-down towards the winter holiday. It’s 07.30 … Continue reading

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3°C, mostly dry & sunny Plus temperatures today. At last a ride into work, I’ve needed this so much. The last two miles saw me with second thoughts, snow started which covered up the tarmac enough to hide the patches … Continue reading

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Minus what?

-12 to-10°C For part of the journey, we dipped into -12C air. Yeah, it’s colder than last winter. It’s like a scene from “let the right one in”, or maybe Narnia out there. This is a jolly album, it has … Continue reading

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-7 to -3°C, thick freezing fog, no wind. New CDs: Beirut- the Flying Club Cup Olafur Arnalds: Dyad 1909 Olafur Arnalds:Variations Of Static The frosticles haven’t dropped all day. They usually do in this kind of freezing fog, a bit … Continue reading

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But is it any good?

0°C, fog & black ice. Black ice: rain all day yesterday, then  the sky cleared at night. The resulting black ice was scary to say the least. On the footpath, you could stand still, and look down to see yourself … Continue reading

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Mazda 6

-11° to +3°C, more damned snow. That temperature left me aghast this morning. Minus eleven! The ice outside achool is quite something too. The council refuse to grit/salt it and have done for at least 8 years. Why? It’s not their policy- … Continue reading

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bad words

-2C snow all day, Turbo with Throwing Muses’ “Red Heaven”: about 35-40′ worth then. It’s magical how much better I feel for this. eaten by ants feeling has gone and maybe, just maybe, I am on the wind-down towards Christmas. … Continue reading

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