18°C, cloudy & warmer

That lurking cold have come out of the shadows. Nose blocking, with sore chest and mouth. The curious bit, though is that Achilles tendon. Why, when I have a cold do they hurt? Do these viruses go global in their attack on tissue types or is it just certain types or membrane? Any immunologists out there who could offer an answer?

Symphony No.4

Am I right to be annoyed that I couldn’t get the insert booklet out of this CD case without tearing it?

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1 Response to immunology

  1. Graham says:

    Not an immunologist, but I know what you mean. I have a muscle on the left side of my neck and goes down the arm which tortures me when I get a coldbug in the head.
    Glad to see you’re still doing the weather reports and the short pithy blogs since the migration. I’m still trying to work out the dashboard thing here, and slightly regret having migrated to a trial wordpress blog that I started last year and then abandoned. Should have deleted & started afresh. Life is full of regrets. I’m still doing the same old stuff. All best wishes.


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