poo in the post

17°C, rain, clearing

Took a sleeping bag back yesterday that wasn’t the size I asked for. The woman in the shop was quite curt about it, she said “it’s a standard size”, (they come in 3 sizes) but doing this, she was also talking on the phone, how rude. Anyway, it was soon clear why she was in a bad mood. She was dealing with a letter of complaint sent by a woman who’d tripped outside the shop. Enclosed with her letter was a bag of dog-poop. I wonder whether that’s a crime, perhaps assault? She said that the police explained that it’s a “civil matter”.
I got my money back.
I know that when you’re annoyed with someone, the thought of sending a bag of squit has a greater appeal. But to actually carry out the thought is mad. Sad to have to simmer and suffer with that kind of resentment, normally, it just evaporates.

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