patchy sun, 21°C

Film: Inception, a sort of Matrix/Bourne Identity cross-breed. Yes, I hated this film, it was full of computer game values: kill baddies, plant an explosive device and get to the next level. It wasn’t just that the film contained a car chase, the usual signifier of a hateful film, it wasn’t just that there was endless shooting and ludicrous fireball explosions. On that, why would a hand-held explosive timer attached to concrete produce a fireball of burning liquid fuel?
As is the trend in recent times, it was three hours long, relentlessly noisy and lacking depth of characters. About normal for a film aimed at teenage lads then. There were twists of plot & layers of meaning but I didn’t care. You do have to care to want to follow a story, some may feel there is deep meaning in there, but that’s as illusional as the backbone of the plot itself.

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