five hours

24°C, close, rain has replaced hard sun (Cycle 66 miles yesterday).

So, the Gulf oil leak has run for 84 days. 184million gallons in the Mexican Gulf; an amount that the USA burns in just over five hours. In a way, this disaster could help the gulf ecosystems. With new drilling banned for a while, some areas could start to recover from the over fishing that has gone on for decades. Since the water is warm, it’s said that the oil will disperse and be broken down by bacteria quicker than in other American oil disasters like the Exxon Valdez. However, fewer dead vertebrates have been found, perhaps because Americans have killed most of them by fishing anyway. the US Dept of Energy estimates that there are 5,000 active oil seeps in the gulf- a natural phenomenon it seems. the Gulf is heavily polluted by fertilisers, especially nitrates causing "dead zones" in the sea.
The clean-up, hoping to safeguard human health, could have the side-effect of restoring some of the long term damage in that sea.
I hope they’re right.

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