Cold week

12°C, rain (at last)

Manflu: on the tail end, it’s been a whole week.
Runner beans are amusing: I feel like a little kid with this, but I planted runner beans and they shot up after 2 days. The bean drives a spear like root downwards lifting itself out of the ground. Next it splits and the first leaves grow out of the gap. Remember growing cress seeds on blotting paper when you wre at junoir school? It feels like that. Simple pleasures!

Presumably, I wait ’till the bean part has used its food up and withered before I plant it out.
Please advise.
Film: A Beautiful Mind- I’ve got mixed feelings about this one, but basically, a mathematical genius (John Forbes Nash) suffering with schizophrenic delusions struggles with his meds, brutal 1950s mental health treatment and a marriage. He lives with the imagined characters to the end, but his wife (real) also does not age with her model-like looks. According to Wiki, there is some considerable deviation from the guy’s real life.
There are plenty of other references to J Nash on the web, co-incidentally, on the BBC‘s site today in
"Creative minds ‘mimic schizophrenia’"

You must realise what a feat of concentration this page has been with the sound of my dog’s gurgling belly in here.

2 thoughts on “Cold week

  1. I’m not an expert, but I’d plant them out when they’re about 8-10 inches high with two or three sets of adult leaves, but keep them turned until then so they don’t lean into the light too much. We paved the sunniest part of our garden last year but we’ve now got more plants growing than ever. Tomatoes, lettuce, aubergines, peppers, strawberries and more varieties of herbs than even we can use, all in pots and troughs. But the bit where we used to grow runners and beetroot and carrots is now a patio scented with lavender, mint, thyme and basil in pots. Some you win, some you lose.I quite liked A Beautiful Mind. I’ve just got the DVDs of There Will Be Blood and Let the Right One In. Haven’t watched either yet, I’m just waiting until I’m not too tired to absorb and enjoy.Feed that dog!


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