Unbroken blue sky

13°C, light winds and strange skies

Gardening day: planted a Rowan for Mum, which got my energy going and at home I spent 3 hours planting stuff in my own garden.
The red-current was humming like some faulty domestic appliance, the flowers weight it down, more so with the mass of Bumble-bees.

The bush is about as tall as the Magnolia tree and both look magnificent under today’s unbroken blue sky. Really unbroken. For the first time in my life, I have been able to look up at a pure blue sky, no lacerations from aircraft vapour trails. It’s weird, more so because such a thing is probably overlooked by many.
Back to gardening: bought some plants on an unplanned plant nursery visit: I’m giving the Fritillaria another go.
This time, I put them on the edge of the lawn.
Film: Junebug. A sort of American Mike Leigh feel to this one. It’s probably one that will divide opinions: some will be bothered by the lack of a plot driven climax, some by the pace. I was held on by the characters, and by the photography. I say photography rather than cinematography because there were a number of beautifully framed holds, only occasionally was there any movement to remind you that it wasn’t a still. Visually it was very rich. The mood was darkened by that awkward discomfort that can only come from the oddballs in your family.

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