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The Filthy English

9°C, enough sun but strong northerly wind. England is a dirty place: With the vegetation at its annual lowest point right now, you can easily see through sparse hedgerows, grassy banks and ditches, and in all of it; on every … Continue reading

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Steam, slabs & pulmonaria

-1 to 9°C, cloudy now. Five-thirty; running out of steam now. I have been on the go for 12 hours today, lots of spring energy, lots of bulbs planted and these years of compost bin collections is showing results. I … Continue reading

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5 to 11°C, showers incl. hail. did something funny today: on arriving home and jumping out of the car, she turned and ran across the green (this is very bad), but she galloped towards a cat under a tree. … Continue reading

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Laburnum Vossii

-2 to 6°C, light winds, very dry, some sun It’s barren here: no sign of winter ending, everything is dry and bare. I did plant out the Laburnum tree however in the gap between home and the sun going down. … Continue reading

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+6°C, dropping fast Is there something up with VW’s sensors? My car needed diagnostic tests to find why the emissions warning light up. It turned out to be nothing, probably the sensor is faulty causing the equivalent of a false … Continue reading

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+5°C, light chilly easterly I have a working compost heap at last. Only took 3 hours digging to get it right. Last time, when I thought it was done, I found concrete slab underneath. I got that one out and … Continue reading

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Is there anybody there?

-3 to 5°C, cleared. John Crowley’s "Is there Anybody There?/ (2008): Set in the ’80s, a young lad who lives in an old folks home run by his parents. The Film’s colour space is filled with period images, music and … Continue reading

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Dry ice

-2 -+8, clear blue, dead calm Slow journey to work today, it was very dry so I decided to ride. There were a few stretches where I had to get off and run it where the ice was sprayed over … Continue reading

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Lupins and 2 digitalis

8°C, unbroken clear sky. Patience: very impressive film seen at The Electric Cinema. We had the luxury seats; sofas with waitress service (orders by text message). High points- the acting worked wonderfully, especially the lead character’s mother who had a … Continue reading

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