13°C, sunny but quite windy.

Domestic day, painting woodwork, fixing things and stuff. Put up the tent in the garden to check its condition. I was so close to going camping last night, but decided to stay and do essential home stuff. Soon though. Energy was bountiful for this, even though it’s the end of term soon. I credit sleeping habits- early nights and very early rises. The earliest was about 4.30 am
Compost news: the heap looks like real compost when I turned it over with a fork.
Can’t help feeling annoyed that my view of the sunset is now blocked by a new housing block that looks like a student halls of residence. In practice, sunset is now an hour earlier. Damn the planners.
Interesting news story: the Catholic Church has been protecting child-molesters from prosecution it seems. They have actively decided to keep secret accusations of child-abuse and not take any disciplinary action.
Laurel: I didn’t really like this Laurel, only because variegated plants don’t, somehow, appeal to me. But look at this fruit, instantly I have changed my mind.Note on the right, the flower- how unassuming.

Hazel: is hosting a guest.

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