Red slabs

11°C, rain, dried up now.

I get home about an hour before sunset, just time to plant out some digitalis you’d think. Scoop out some holes and mix a bit of compost to enrich the soil, then clink. So here we go again, two more sub-terainian slabs. One of them is red. So the whole hour before dark (& supper) turns into an earthworking.
Never did get those plants in the ground.

I tried to post this review to ilovefilm but got the error message: "Error- must contain at least two words"

I agree with the positive reviews here, but there is no point duplicating their views here. I can’t understand why so many disliked this film- I have been raving about this one since I saw it last week. For me, the film had a gripping thread about aesthetics, there is a sharply light hyper-realism in the way this was shot. Grim scenes, with grim people were starkly contrasted with images of sheer beauty. The shot with Mia’s mother hanging out the shirts to dry on the balcony with that blazing light filtering through has really stuck in my head. It was like one of those Japanese Samurai shots, in congruous I know. But Don’t you love the way the ugly and beautiful seem inseparable? What about the role of the horse too?
A clear five-stars from me.

So that doesn’t count as ‘at least two words’ then.

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