Camellia sinensis

13°C, sunny. Cold start with frost; c67miles

Ouch; knee pain, though the knee buffeted in that crash last month, I suspect this is caused by the summer bike’s pedals.
more later
Rosie excelled herself today. She’s learned a new trick and played it at a carefully timed moment. When I was outside for a while, she struck. Somehow, and I’m still trying to work out how, she opened the oven door and got the food out. Her motive was very strong- a chicken that the lodger cooked 48 hours previously. Oh well, fair game then (no joke intended).My only concern was that in her greed, she’d get bone splinters in her throat; dogs do that I’m told. I pulled her away by the collar, which she resisted with all her 25kg might and did that cartoon rubberised-telescopic neck thing. That meant however far you pulled the collar, her mouth was still at chicken level on the tiled floor.
Suppose I would have done the same if I were a dog. I’m still impressed, thinking back.
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