Dangling ‘gentlemen’s bits’

13°C, some rain under grey sky

Corkscrew Hazel : is displaying his man-parts. they dangle and flap in the wind, sharing pollen.  This may be why I have slight hay-fever symptoms.

The same plant has opened its ladies-bits too, tiny purple buds just opening; a certain sign that spring is under-way.

Apologies: Pope’s turn, the Pope writes a letter of apology for child abuse by the presthood in Ireland. Apparently Germany are in interested in a similar thing, the RC church have been sheltering child molesters for some time, probably centuries. A few years ago, they apologised for their previous support of the Holocaust during the Second World War too. Let’s hope we get more apologies for other abuses of trust by the church this year, culminating a a big one for centuries of lies and general making-it-up about all sorts of fundamental human beliefs.

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