A Peony and knots

7°C, storm approaching.

Sky is leaden heavy with rain today, not that I minded. It’s been a rather tumultuous week. I’d like to pull the threads that are woven through the last month. Pull them hard so that they straighten out. They’d be easier to follow straightened out. You have to be careful though, doing that just makes the oddly twisted bits knot up so that you can’t undo them.

Tomorrow will see the downpour. I can plant my new plants and skip watering them. Too many Lupins. Look out for a bloke ignoring the rainfall, padding about deciding where to put site them. At least the potted ones can move.
Tired and blurred now; everything I see is blurred like the asbo kids on TV. Best to bed.

Photo from my mobile. The quality is worse than usual probably because the light was fading. Pictures in full daylight are clearer.

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